Logistic Regression - Interpretation Cheat Sheet

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I've studied statistics for 5 years, worked in statistical consulting and used statistical models for research.

And I still have to look up the interpretation of logistic regression again and again.

But not any more.

To save everyone time and headaches, I created this cheat sheet for interpreting logistic regression models.

Content Of The Cheat Sheet

You'll get a 1-page PDF cheat sheet with:

💬 Text templates for interpreting:

  • intercept
  • coefficients of continuous covariates
  • coefficients of categorical covariates

🤓 Quick overview of logistic regression

✅ Focus on interpretation

❌ No code, no longish introductions, no bla bla.

Who Is The Cheat Sheet For?

The cheat sheet is for anyone in need of interpreting logistic regression models. Or if you just want a handy reminder of logistic regression.

But you should already should know the basics of logistic regression before using the cheat sheet.

This cheat sheet doesn't replace a proper introduction to logistic regression.

Why get this cheat sheet?

✅ Feel confident about a correct model interpretation

✅ No more headaches for interpreting coefficients results thanks to the text templates

✅ Save time otherwise spent scrolling through endless blog posts about logistic regression

Your time is valuable and your analysis will beneftis from proper interpretation.

Get your cheat sheet today!

About Me

My name is Christoph, I am the author of the book Interpretable Machine Learning, and I work on making statistical modeling and machine learning accessible through my writing.

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Logistic Regression Interpretation Cheat Sheet

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Logistic Regression - Interpretation Cheat Sheet

3 ratings
I want this!