SHAP Plots For Tabular Data - Interpretation Cheat Sheet

Christoph Molnar
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SHAP is super popular for interpreting machin learning models.

But there's a confusing amount of different plots available to visualize the resulting Shapley values.

But not any more.

To save everyone time and headaches, I created this cheat sheet for interpreting the most important SHAP plots

Content Of The Cheat Sheet

You'll get a 1-page PDF cheat sheet with:

💬 An overview of the most important plots provided by SHAP:

  • force plot
  • beeswarm plot
  • waterfall plot
  • scatter plot
  • bar plot

🤓 Quick guide for recommending when to use which plot

✅ Focus on interpretation

❌ No code, no longish introductions, no bla bla.

Who Is The Cheat Sheet For?

The cheat sheet is for anyone in need of interpreting SHAP plots. Or if you just want a handy reminder of the different visualizations.

But you should already should know the basics of SHAP and machine learning before using the cheat sheet.

Why get this cheat sheet?

✅ Feel confident about a correct model interpretation

✅ No more headaches for interpreting SHAP plots

✅ Save time otherwise spent scrolling through the huge shap documentation and blog posts

Get your cheat sheet today!

About Me

My name is Christoph, I am the author of the book Interpretable Machine Learning, and I work on making statistical modeling and machine learning accessible through my writing.

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Cheat sheet for interpreting SHAP plots

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SHAP Plots For Tabular Data - Interpretation Cheat Sheet

6 ratings
I want this!